Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Signmaker

                                      The Signmaker
Emptiness…is where the real is,
Don’t run from it,
Don’t solid-fill it;
Steer by it, as by the North Star

Make it your center,
Your skeleton,Your bone, your rock;
Punch through the empty center,
And make it your axis.

Very early in the morning
Long before daylight,
He left the house to a lonely place
An empty place…where He prayed.

“Make us a sign” the skeptics said,
Make us a sign that in forms us
One that reveals who you are
If you claim to be God.

Make us a sign of your power.
Do us a demonstration;
Walk on water … again,
Save us from pain and death.

And for Christ’s sake
Don’t let us be alone, and lonely;
Our strength comes from without
So don’t abandon us to ourselves.

“The Kingdom is WITHIN”, he said;
You are called to SIGNify this,
For God is Love,
Love without, is Love within.