Friday, May 8, 2015

Sundowners' Syndrome


It has grown so quiet,
                No sounds from the hall.
A distant bed signal makes a far away riot
                Seems to be an ignored call.

No nurses go by
                No assistants are here
No patient next bed
                Now here comes the fear.

I was happy today
                My condition improving
My nurses were smiling
                My recovery  was moving

But now I’m growing worried
                My mind full of symptoms
Seemingly recurring
                I can’t turn my light on

The night settles on me
                And the clock runs uphill
I can’t find the button
                But shouting makes me the pill.

My neck is so strained
                And my back is so itchy
Why, oh why
                Is my night nurse so “bitchy”?

I hear a noise in the hall
                “Hello?” I shout, much too loud
A head peeks in, the floor washer
                “Did you call?” he asks.

“Yes” I said, “Could you call a nurse?”
                “Oh,” he said, and walked away
Little did he know how I needed just,
                To talk until day.

And so it went
                Until the day
When the good Doctor would come
                “It’s Sundowner’s Syndrome, I’d say”

“It has a name??”...  “I feel so much better.”