Tuesday, September 1, 2015


                                 Thanks and Good bye to,  L(Two Poems)


          possesses wisdom revealed and hidden

                   by her smile,

          possesses knowledge by the way

                   she holds her books,

          possesses poetic genius

                   by thrilling to the ordinary,

          possesses chastity,

                   by the way she looks at the stars,

          possesses childlike humility

                   by the way she holds a shell,

          possesses purity by the way

                   she teases and flirts,

          possesses kindness by her love

                   for the simplest child,

          possesses love by the way she

                   wifes, the way she mothers, the way she others,

          possesses me by the way she remembers,

                   possesses Divinity,            
          by the way she "lets go".                                                

          “Your brother”, he shouted
                   "Your brother loves my wife!!"
          “Her mind!” my sister answered
                   My brother loves her mind!!”

          “Isn’t that so?” Sis asked me
                   My answer came too slow,
          “Of course” I offered later
                   “But what do I know?”

          Much later I thought,
                   Of what life had wrought;
          Of a girl I loved in youth
                   Whom I thought found me uncouth.

          Now, as a grandma of two,
                   And I a grampa of two, too,
          She has lived a beautiful life
                   As a loving and faithful wife

          To a really nice guy
                   Who has loved her better,
          Whom I will leave in peace,
                   In mind, word and letter.