Friday, July 31, 2015


The word "Grace" comes directly from the Latin, "gratia", but let us first look at its most ancient definition in Hebrew:

          1. from "chen"(noun)

                    - a quality which arouses favor; it may lie in

                     external appearance or in speech;

                    e.g., "to find favor in the eyes of God and/or man"

                   "one who manifests kindness and

                    compassion in rendering aid;

          2. from "chanan"(verb)

                   -to show favor, used of men; an attitude which is

                    proper toward the needy, the poor, the orphan

                    and to any who are in distress.

- The act of giving gifts;

-Used for Yahweh's acts of benevolence,

  source of ALL good gifts;

-Especially creation [everything from nothing]

  and  forgiveness [ friendship from sinfulness].

Next in its use in the New Testament Greek:

          1.from "charis" [χαρις]

                    - it is closely and fundamentally identified with

                    the entire "good news" and is a key word

- it is what Christians wish to each other in

greeting or in departing( as a Christian translation of the Hebrew 'shalom').

          2. from "charizesthai" (verb)

                   - to give freely as a favor;

                   - with God as the giver, the object given is Christ

Profane use (not a "bad" use):

          - "charis" (noun):

- attractiveness( as in the word "charm"); the quality that wins favor; "

- good will of God(grace)

...viewed both as act  and effects; both as    something given and something received and  something possessed

Derivatives: from Greek (Χαρις)[charis]

                   "charity" the giving of gifts

                   "charisma" A sign of being gifted

                   "charismatic" Possessing great gifts

                   "eu charis tia"- the greatest gift

Derivatives in Latin of "Gratia" ("thanks, grace")

                   gratitude, grace, thanksgiving(as in 'eucharist')

So, we are meant to be pipelines to others and not barrels to be filled. All good gifts come from God to us in order that we allow those gifts to pass through us to others and ultimately back to God as praise (blessing).. And, as with Muhammed Ali, we point to Allah when we win, for God is the ultimate source of all that we have been given and we can scarcely take credit to ourselves when we help others.

When we take all the credit for what we have or do, we constipate our pipe. God(within each of us) gives to God( within everybody else) through us. 
                                                                            Charlie Mc