Friday, July 24, 2015

Fetal "Research"??

                                                              Fetal Parts??

In the wild, when an animal dies, flies come and lay eggs upon the carcass. The larvae (maggots) from those hatched eggs eat the flesh of the dead animal. Hyenas come and work at eating the remains as well, and buzzards circle overhead and land to get a piece of the action. Eventually dry bones are left to ultimately be worn to dust which becomes part of the soil from which plants grow. Those plants get eaten by animals who ultimately die etc…etc…

Nothing is wrong with this process. It is natural. So too when a human dies, his body returns to the natural “dust” whether quickly into the earth or very slowly in a sealed tomb. There is nothing evil about this happening, despite all our attempts to prevent it from happening or from having to watch it happen.

Where evil comes in is where we interrupt the man’s life by unlawfully killing him.

This is where the Supreme Court of the United States has come in to rule that some killings are not in themselves evil. Capital punishment for certain crimes is lawful, so increasingly is assisted suicide in many places and situations, and so too is abortion, if the woman so chooses, without regard to any rights to continued life which the baby within her might have. Now since the law allows this, the law is now being asked to decide what may or may not happen with its corpse after death. May body parts be sold for scientific use and is there some kind of “morality” involved in what can be done with these parts?

Certainly Hitler and the Nazis thought it was "moral" to make lampshades out of the skin and rugs out of the hair and jewelry out of the bones and teeth of exterminated Jews after they determined that a Jew was not a fully human person.

It seems the door was opened when the law determined that the life of a person can be taken “for sufficient reason”. The law no longer says that blacks , native Americans, women and minorities are less than full persons who cannot be owned or used by others to their own advantage; but has failed to extend those rights to the unborn child.

It is most disconcerting to realize that a majority of the public are horrified by the profitable distribution of aborted fetus parts, yet feel quite comfortable with Planned Parenthood and with the Supreme Court’s decisions to grant “personhood” to corporations, yet deny it to future children.

A person is not determined to be such by its exterior, but by its interior. Its interior includes the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A person has these rights from conception, not from when they reach the age of being able to defend themselves, nor from birth. As the person is sacred, so to are these rights.
As from the earliest written Gospel , Mark, in Jesus' keynote address: "The present moment is the right time, change the way you think for the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you. Believe this good news."[Mk.1:15-16]
It’s time for the USA to "change the way it thinks."

                                                                                                         Charlie Mc