Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zen/Christian Bibliography

In recent years, there has been a metamorphesis in studies done on the human body-mind research which seems to be heading towards a renewed interest in meditation as a technique for enhancing overall health.Every religion has has had as part of their traditions the practice of contemplation and meditation, at least among the more "spiritual" of their adherents.

The Roman Catholic Church has through the centuries however, developed a suspicion and fear of such practices as leading to heresy. In the early years of the Church, many believers withdrew from the cities into the wilderness and desert areas in order to live monastic lives of prayer. In response to this movement, conflict arose which is referred to as the Pelagian Controversy. This dealt with the contra. Mdictory belief that one could get to heaven by one's own efforts, or that he could only get there through God's gift of grace. This controversy has continued into the modern world and has until recently been seen in the contrast between atheistic or agnostic Buddhism  and theistic Judaism, Christianity or Islam.  

As with many seemingly many controversies, the appropriate response to this "problem" is not either/or, but both/and.

 [By Thomas Keating, OCSO]

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