Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Words, Words, Words...

We all talk a lot.
We all speak what we think,
We all think a lot.
But the most important is what we believe.
Jesus proclaimed the “good news” from God,
          “Metanoiete! (Change the way you think),
          For the Kingdom of God is within you.
         Believe this “good news”! [Mk. 1:15-16]

Thomas Aquinas fell silent and stopped writing
          And told his assistant,
       “All that I have written seems as so much straw.”
          [The Silence of Saint Thomas, Josef Peiper p.39]

Why don’t we try silent belief that the Kingdom of
God is really and truly within each and every one of us and teach this to the world.

                                                          Charlie Mc    1/ 1 / 15