Saturday, January 23, 2016

What Did Jesus Look Like?

In 1963, I was a monk in a Trappist Monastery and one day while reading the psalms I turned to a page where a prayer card fell out. As I picked it up and looked at the picture on it, I was very confused. It looked like the death mask of some ancient man. I turned the card over and read a description of what the picture showed. It was believed to be an actual photograph of Jesus. It was called the Holy Shroud of Turin. Thinking it to be a painting by some medieval artist, I later went to the Scriptorium and consulted the Catholic Encyclopedia. This began a lifelong pursuit of mine to try to understand how this "photo" came into existence.

Later, in my teaching years at a Catholic high school I bought a film strip produced by the Order of Salesians of Don Bosco which was entitled "The Holy Shroud of Turin". I previewed it and was shocked to find that I believed it to be authentic. I showed the film strip to my students and they were as amazed as I, and without any pressure by me, professed that they also believed the image was the true face of Jesus.   

Rather than tell you the history of the investigation concerning this relic, I simply refer you to the following link. I hope that it is possible for you to see this presentation and come to your own conclusions. I know mine. thank you,     Charlie Mc