Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Visit to Saint Joseph's Abbey

                    The World's "Inner Room"
Ten miles west of Worcester, Massachusetts, in the town of Spencer, there is a monastery of contemplatives called Saint Joseph's Abbey. Most Catholics don't even know about it, except for the fact that one of the industries of St. Joseph's is one producing Trappist Jams and Jellies. Another more recent one, is a brewery which makes Trappist Ale.

The monks at Saint Joseph's live lives dedicated to prayer, manual labor and  life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict in effect since the Fourth Century. It appears to be a very hard life, but in comparison to the frantic lives most of us live in the modern world, it is a life of peace and charity.

Since many of you may never be able to visit Saint Joseph's, I wish to give you here the opportunity to visit vicariously through the link below. be sure to click on all the venues for a complete visit. Thank you,                        Charlie Mc

A visit to Saint Joseph's: