Friday, July 4, 2014

The Signmaker

The Signmaker

Image credit: Ben Canales

“Make us a sign,” the skeptics said,
          “Make us a sign that in-forms us,
One that reveals who you are.
          If God be the power
And you claim to be God,
          Make us a sign of your power.
Do us a demonstration,
          Walk on water…again;
Save us from pain and death,
          And for Christ’s sake
Don’t let us be alone and lonely;
          Our strength comes from without,
So don’t abandon us to ourselves!”

He drew into the hills to pray alone,
          And as he did He proclaimed:
The Kingdom is within,
          Our Father, who is within you;
You are called to signify this,
          Become a sign of heaven within,
For the power of God is Love,
          For God is Love;
Love without, is love within.

Emptiness…is where the Real is.
       Don’t run from the emptiness,
Don’t solid-fill it;
       Steer by it, as by the North Star,
Make it your bone, your skeleton, your Rock.

For He said,
“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,”
       Where the emptiness is;
Punch through to the empty center
       And make it your axis.
“Very early in the morning,
       Long before daybreak
He left the house,
       Went out to a lonely place,
An empty place…
       Where He prayed.”
May I come with you?
 For the Kingdom of Heaven

 Is NO “where”;
     NO “place”,
     NO “time”;     
            NO “thing”.

 “Foxes have holes, birds have nests,
  The Son of Man has
     nowhere to lay his head.”

                                       Charlie Mc