Thursday, June 12, 2014

Morning Star


How cold did it seem to be?
It was blue cold.
The snow, the ocean, the sky…and me.
And I was feeling very old.
The snow dry-crunched under my boot,
As I walked out to the bus.
The yellow, hollow metal brute,
I knew there'd be no heat for us
Until we reached the half-way take
Of our frigid forty mile trip.
As we started past Musquashicut Lake
and my frozen nose began to drip

I looked out my side window
And saw a brilliant Venus over the horizon
And at an angle above the ocean below
Was an orange arc from the soon to rise Sun.
In my mind's eye I absorbed                                
This morning star's orbital path
Around the yet to rise orb ;
Then saw the same for earth ...

On which we rode, my bus and me,
Outside of Venus' circuit ride
Both we and "she"
A rarely seen cosmic view.
Around the sun which yet did hide
Whoa! I felt the solar system under my seat,
Which my mind long knew to be true,
But this was a different feat
The family of our Sun
Doth with us similarly twirl
 A story of the daily fun,
In a huge cosmic swirl

So what of me
Infinitessimal "mite"
Whose center can see
To the Initial site
From which It all sprang
At the Original "Bang".
                                                                   by Charlie Mc

[Written after 35 years of driving a school bus everyday to the school at which I taught. Image of the brilliant Venus rising just before the Sun.]